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We are proud to provide this online content for your reading pleasure. These are our 2020 Pushcart nominees from Creative Nonfiction, Fiction, and Poetry categories.

Ben Aleshire – 2019 Words and Music Competition, creative nonfiction category, winner

“How much for a love poem?” asks a young couple, clutching each other as if for dear

life. Maybe they are. They’ve found me on Royal Street….”

Read Love For Sale

Sheila Arndt – 2019 Words and Music Competition, short story category, winner

“Stella was hungry. So hungry it felt like her head had disconnected from her body and
was floating far above, somewhere near the peak….”

Read Cherchez la Femmes

Kate Leland – 2019 Words and Music Competition, poetry category, winner

“In the Craigslist ad, my naked back is to the camera. I’m on my knees,
a pair of black Calvin Klein knock-offs hitched….”

Read All the Men Who Own My Underwear

Stephanie Dickinson

“Heading deeper into the past, the dream highway takes Krystal and Lucy into childhood
towns fattened by hardwoods and salt-flecked sea oats. A sleep-wind….”

Read Seizures and Shackles in the Medical Unit.

David Meischen

“Her brooch is darkest onyx—
molten liquid cooled, condensed….”

Read Beside the Bloodred Table

Hamza Rehman

“I was reading the newspaper in the exam hall of the university. Proctoring for a statistics
paper was a special hell, a Jahannam reserved for….”

Read And I Thought Islamabad Would Rescue Us from Us


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