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We are proud to provide this online content for your reading pleasure. These are our 2022 Pushcart nominees from Creative Nonfiction, Fiction, and Poetry categories.

Anna Adami – Issue 7

“Greta stands tall, though at seven years old, she’s short. She wears hand-me-down tennis shoes, cotton shorts, and a gray t-shirt. Her shorts are too small, and her shirt is….”

Read Dirt Girl

Bae Di – Issue 8 – Winner, short story category, 2022 Patty Friedmann Writing Competition

The other Chinese girl rushes into the dance studio twenty minutes late on the first day of school. She explains that it took her forever to find….”

Read Her Own Kind

Anisse Gross – Issue 8 – Runner-up, CNF category, 2022 Patty Friedmann Writing Competition

“In the mornings we would wake up and stand in the Edwardian bay window, wearing our robes, and address them, as if addressing…”

Read Dear Methheads

Kelly Jones – Issue 8 – Honorable mention, poetry category, 2022 Patty Friedmann Writing Competition

“Not knowing it was the week our dog would die we began the bathroom repair project we’d put off for months. We pulled out the broken….”

Read A Burning Ship Carrying Luxury Cars is Adrift in the Atlantic Ocean

Nikki Ortiz – Issue 7

“There is no map for mothering on a planet in seizure.

No doula for the abyss. When you see babies in apocalyptic movies they’re supposed to represent hope, but mostly….”

Read Mothering During Climate Collapse

N.R. Robinson – Issue 8- Winner, CNF category, 2022 Patty Friedmann Writing Competition

“Granddad Cavazos did not drive what he said was his “usual Sunday scenic route”: through downtown DC and past the sign-shaking….”

Read Visiting Mama


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