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We are proud to provide this online content for your reading pleasure. These are our 2021 Pushcart nominees from Creative Nonfiction, Fiction, and Poetry categories.

Katie Devine – Issue 5

“Somewhere below the examination room painted with yellow
sunbursts, near the bottom of the mountain but….”

Read The Extraction

C.A. Munn – Issue 6 – Runner-up, short story category, 2021 Words & Music Writing

“I met my brother on a gray day in mid-March. I was twenty-four
and living in Manhattan, in a fifth-story walk-up in….”

Read The Elephant’s Foot

Andy Young – Issue 6 – Runner-up, poetry category, 2021 Words & Music Writing Competition

“I keep on forgetting my mother is dead.
The fact is sealed: a shard in a vitrine.
Loss sews me up with its surgical threads…”

Read Villanelle of Her Absence

Nikki Ummel – Issue 5

She carries the bag like a crucifix.

Like she can use it to fend off

vampires, thirsty for the blood….”

Read Eleven

Ella Latham – Issue 6- Winner, CNF category, 2021 Words & Music Writing Competition

“Summer 2020. Pandemic summer, summer of uprisings, summer
of record heat. I’m not introducing it as a character….”

Read Chronicle of My Blood-Summer

Adam Karlin – Issue 5

“I woke up in Chiang Mai hungover, cold, and hungry. I expected
Chiang Mai to be warm, because while it is in….”

Read Noodle Soup


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