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We are proud to provide this online content for your reading pleasure. These are our 2019 Pushcart nominees from Creative Nonfiction, Fiction, and Poetry categories.

Jennifer Steil – Peauxdunque Review Issue 2 (CNF) / 2018 Words and Music Competition, Winner (CNF)

“When I quit my job at a mid-sized newspaper in New Jersey to write for a pornographic magazine in Manhattan, my parents were dismayed. But you were doing so well…”

Read The Braille Machine

Kailyn McCord – Peauxdunque Review Issue 1 (CNF)

“I am moving to Akiachak, Alaska. I know nothing about Alaska. I know especially nothing about Akiachak. I am moving to follow my fiancé, Cameron. He teaches math…”

Read Can I Visit?

Leslie Doyle – Peauxdunque Review Issue 1 (Fiction)

“Denise did not want to hear the complaints. The light beamed directly through her bedroom window. So? Close the damn curtains. Get blackout shades. It wasn’t her problem….”

Read Someone Else’s Lights

Ambata Kazi-Nance – Peauxdunque Review Issue 1 (Fiction)

“I knew something was up when I opened the front door and found my wife, May,
standing just a few steps away from the threshold clutching a pale blue shawl over her bare arms…”

Read Apples and Oranges

Lana K.W. Austin – Peauxdunque Review Issue 2 (Poetry) / 2018 Words and Music Competition, Winner (Poetry)

“Why this hunger strike in front of the Chinese Embassy?

Li Lu’s hands,
those engraved fingers,
speak in moving,
fluent metacarpals….”

Read Interviewing Li Lu

David Meischen – Peauxdunque Review Issue 2 (Poetry)

“Through rain and wind and weather, hell bent for leather . . .

Dust scatters sunlight through the truck’s back window.
Daddy’s gunrack there, his thirty-ought-six….”

Read Alone in the Pickup Bed, Somewhere a Break in the Fence


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